Blog, Facebook and Twitter Comments Policy

We hope that you will engage with our school online by sharing your comments, responding to the work of others, or making suggestions about future activities.
We have laid out a set of guidelines for everyone when commenting on our blog at or when engaging with us on Twitter or Facebook.
We encourage all users to familiarise themselves with these guidelines to ensure that they can continue to contribute to our blog. We reserve the right to withhold (without notification) comments we feel are in breach of our guidelines.
The policy is as follows:
We reserve the right to edit comments before they have been published.
We will not tolerate or publish personal remarks about the author of a story, comments about individuals mentioned in stories, or remarks about other commenters.
Please stay on topic and only leave comments on the post your comment relates to.
Treat other commenters with respect.
Try and be clear and exact with your use of language.
Use of good grammar, spelling and punctuation are encouraged.
Posting in block capitals is considered ‘shouty’, and is to be avoided.
Don’t use bad language.
Usernames containing inappropriate language will be blocked.
Don’t post personal information or make derogatory remarks about commenters or any other individuals. Any such material will not be posted.
Do not use comments to promote commercial products or services, however, we welcome the use of links to relevant blogs and sites.
Any content that is libelous will not be uploaded.
You will not be notified if we have removed a comment or blocked a username.
Please be aware before you submit a comment that you will not be offered an opportunity to edit it.
Finally, we often conclude a post with a question, and encourage you to participate in our blogging and tweeting experience by suggesting answers or volunteering responses. We look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you for reading this.
We want our blog, Twitter and Facebook (adults only) to be a places where everyone can share their work, be proud and best represent the hard work that takes place in Screen National School.