April in 2nd and 3rd

April has been a very exciting month as the 2nd class have been preparing for their First Holy Communion. They have all worked very hard at practising and learning some readings too!

We had time to celebrate Earth Day and identify 5 ways we can help the Earth, focusing on this years theme Planet vs Plastics!

We were working on Weight in Maths, measuring using cubes, grammes and kilograms!

March in 2nd and 3rd Class

In March, we got the chance to dress up for World Book Day as a character from one of our favourite books. Or some of us wore comfy clothes and brought in our favourite book. We had a great day!

We were working hard all month for Active Schools trying to get to some capitals around the world. We made it to London! It was tiring work!

February in 2nd and 3rd Class

February was another very busy month in our class.

We celebrated St Brigids Day and had our Sportathon where we were doing some sort of game/exercise nearly all day to raise money for our school. We played a wide variety of games and completed some relays too!

We made some Art for Valentine’s Day to give to our loved ones, which they all loved!

We also had our reward day for winning class of the month in January.

We had a pyjama day, picnicked in the hall and watched a movie, some of us nearly fell asleep as we were so cosy!

We had some visitors from Janes class who read us some excellent narratives!

We went on a 3D shape hunt around our school and found A LOT of them and also made some 3D shapes from cocktail sticks and marshmallows!!

January 2024

2nd and 3rd class have been very busy since returning from Christmas break.

We had to prepare for Grandparents/Special Person day, making clay tea light candle holders, pictures and cards.

We all really enjoyed playing our ‘An Aimsir’ snakes and ladders too!

We pretended to be weather reporters in Irish and presented our weather for the day in pairs.

We had the book fair in our school for a week too, there was great excitement being able to read the blurbs and being able to pick a favourite!

We started length and investigated estimating and measuring in non standard and stand units!

November in 2nd and 3rd

We have been very busy this month!

It was Science week and we did two experiments, our favourite was the dancing raisins, we loved seeing them move up and down!

We have been doing some movement every day for Movember too, this will help us hopefully get our Active flag!

We go to the library once a week to read or change our library books, we love reading there on the cosy cushions.

We built some bug hotels with Junior Infants, we hope to get some bookings soon!! We wrote about this in our outdoor classroom.

We have been learning about farming in history and we had a visit from a local farmer. He answered some questions we had about farming long ago and we even got to see his new tractor!

October Updates

In October 2nd and 3rd class went on a trip to the Wexford Wildfowl Reserve where we put our learning about Animals and Habitats to the test. We all had a great day looking at skulls of different animals and bird watching from the watchtower and the hide out.

We also loved Maths week. We completed some quizzes, webinars and trails!

We also collected old milk/orange/apple juice cartons and created some spooky Halloween Haunted Houses.

Killian’s class came in to share their recount writing with us, which we will be doing after our mid-term break.

We also had our Halloween dress up day and spooky walk around the pitch!

2nd/3rd Class are working with Ms. McBride, this year. We can’t wait to see all of their updates!

September 2023

In September 2nd/3rd class, went on a sound walk around our school identifying different sounds and drawing graphic notations to match the sound.

We also got involved in European Languages Day and played some fun games as Gaeilge.

2022 – 2023 3rd and 4th Class updates – see below

We have Ms. McBride joining us in 3rd/4th Class, this year. We look forward to sharing all of the updates from Ms. McBride’s room.