April in Killian’s Room


Shannon and Freya’s Blog

Hello everyone! We are Shannon and Freya from Mr. Doyles Fifth! We are here to tell you about all the mesmerising things we have learned about this month!

Junior Entrepeneur Project

The JEP is a business set up specifically for primary school children to learn about finance and the things needed to manage a business. You learn about your personal qualitied in a business, whether or not you’re good in marketing or design or even finance! We get to come up with ideas to sell and no idea is too ambitious! You have to make samples of ideas and present them to your class. You will learn more about that later, now, onto to the Dragon’s Den!

Dragons Den

In the Dragons Den you have to present your wonderful ideas to two to four Deadly Dragons! You will be asked many questions about your item and will have to answer them all truthfully. The first step to ever selling your items is to get past the Deadly Dragons! Now, onto your amazing designs!


Your Amazing Ideas!

Before facing The Deadly Dragons, we must come up with an array of ideas to sell. For example, our fabulous class come up with beautiful pouches and nostalgic teddies! Our wonderful Shannon is making beautiful little flowers and i am making wonderful and unique tote bags! 


Our Talented Teams!

We have five teams, there is finance, sales, design, marketing and communication. They’re all equally talented and amazing workers! 


Nelson Mandela

We are learning about African history! Although, we are mainly learning about Nelson Mandela! He was a very powerful and brave man and very large asset in African history! He was an amazing man and survived all of the trials of torture a black man had to go through during Apartheid governments rules against people of colour. He went to jail for twenty seven years because of his involvement in the ANC. Anyone involved in this amazing community was arrested when some of the leaders started using violence against the apartheid! As soon as he was discharged from that terrible jail, he ran for president and won! He was the first black president to ever be ruling over South Africa! This amazing man also won the Global Peace Awards!! 



In maths, we have been learning all about the interesting and very long subject of area, perimeter and length! We got to design our dream house and it was loads of fun and very…. Unique!



We have been learning about sa bhaile in Irish! It was very fun and slightly confusing., we have also been learning all the verbs. It was very confusing.bye guys, I hope you enjoyed reading our blog!



Shannon and Freya

February Blog

This month in school we have been doing Time in maths, The Titanic in history, wind turbines in geography, women in STEM in science, clay clocks in art. We are learning how to play the glockenspiel and are doing a bit of gymnastics.

In maths we have been learning about the clock and how to add ,subtract –[‘and multiply time correctly. We learned that we need to separate the numbers when we multiply time. We also had a test at the end of the chapter.

In history we have been doing the titanic. We did a comic strip as well. We have been making a project on Titanic in groups. We did a timeline on the sinking and important dates of the titanic.

In geography we have been doing the wind turbines.we made  a wind turbine out of paper and will be putting them outside to see how much wind there is.

We also looked at a few famous scientists and took a few notes on them.

We have started to make clay clock for the art expedition at the end of the year.

We are also learning the glockenspiel with miss tynan. We are learning the song wake me up on them.She comes every Thursday to help us learn the song on the glockenspiels.

December in Killian's room



In maths this month we are learning to count, set and stick to our budget.


 In history we have been learning about WWI.

We have learned about the trenches, the battle of Gallipoli, no man’s land, the Christmas truce and the 2 teams that are called the ALLIES &they consisted of America, England and France. The CENTRAL POWERS consisted of Germany, Hungary and Italy.



In art we have been making sunset soldier pictures, they are painted with the colours red, yellow and orange. Then we got black paper and cut it into the shapes we wanted it to be. Then we stuck it onto the painted paper.



In Irish we have done SCROOGE A CHRISTMAS CAROL and grammar in past tense, future tense and present tense.

October Update

We learned about the Aztecs. The Aztecs came around in 1300.They arrived in Mexico building their capital Tenochtitlan. They settled there as they believed an eagle landed on a cactus marking it as a sign. The Aztecs were fierce warriors. The bravest took on the persona of an eagle or a jaguar. Boys became warriors at 17 years old. Warriors got food and land for victory in battle. They used precious metals and stones in their art. The Aztec empire fell in 1521 when Hernan Cortez invaded the empire taking the emperor as hostage.

We did art about the Aztec masks. First we got clay and made a circle with it. Next we made it into a face shape. After we put eyes on it. We got our scraps of clay and made a nose and lips. Finally, we painted it to make it colourful.

In maths we learned about symmetry. symmetry means it has to be the same on each side and same size.

We read the parable of the workers in the vineyard. the workers were promised one silver coin for their work. The owner hired more workers. He paid them the same as the first group. The lesson we learned here is about generosity and to be grateful for what we receive.

Sam in 4th Class.

Mr. Doyle is teaching our 4th and 5th class, this year. Keep an eye out for all the wonderful updates from the students! 

December Updates

This month has been a very busy month in 4th and 5th Class! It has been hectic practicing plays and getting ready for our very special visitor!

Our play was called “Lights, Camel, Action”, and we thoroughly enjoyed showing our friends and family all of our hijinks! From a star comedian, footballing camels and wise men, not to mention three fantastic judges, our play had it all!

From 4th and 5th class, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!