Mr. Doyle is teaching our 4th and 5th class, this year. Keep an eye out for all the wonderful updates from the students! 

October Update

We learned about the Aztecs. The Aztecs came around in 1300.They arrived in Mexico building their capital Tenochtitlan. They settled there as they believed an eagle landed on a cactus marking it as a sign. The Aztecs were fierce warriors. The bravest took on the persona of an eagle or a jaguar. Boys became warriors at 17 years old. Warriors got food and land for victory in battle. They used precious metals and stones in their art. The Aztec empire fell in 1521 when Hernan Cortez invaded the empire taking the emperor as hostage.

We did art about the Aztec masks. First we got clay and made a circle with it. Next we made it into a face shape. After we put eyes on it. We got our scraps of clay and made a nose and lips. Finally, we painted it to make it colourful.

In maths we learned about symmetry. symmetry means it has to be the same on each side and same size.

We read the parable of the workers in the vineyard. the workers were promised one silver coin for their work. The owner hired more workers. He paid them the same as the first group. The lesson we learned here is about generosity and to be grateful for what we receive.

Sam in 4th Class.

December Updates

This month has been a very busy month in 4th and 5th Class! It has been hectic practicing plays and getting ready for our very special visitor!

Our play was called “Lights, Camel, Action”, and we thoroughly enjoyed showing our friends and family all of our hijinks! From a star comedian, footballing camels and wise men, not to mention three fantastic judges, our play had it all!

From 4th and 5th class, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!