5th/6th class blog – April

April was a very busy month in Jessie’s classroom starting off with our hot lunches which were supplied by Glanmór Healthy Eating. They have been a big hit in our classroom. 2 of the 4 teams got through in the F.A.I soccer tournament in North End Hollygrove but were unfortunately knocked out in the second round. During the 2nd week back we presented our JEP ideas to the deadly dragons Kak, Luke and Jessie and the idea picked was Happiness in a Jar. This week the girls Rackard League played against Rathangan and won by just a point  – the score was 1-1 to a goal.The boys are playing their quarter finals as of writing this. Today we led the assembly and explained to the school about our JEP product. We have started to design our piece of art for the Art Exhibition which we are very excited about. We had a guest speaker visit us during the week to speak to us about Climate Change. Jonathon, who is part of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave us a pencil case with pencils, pens and rubbers which were all recyclable. 

 February blog             

This  February was a brilliant month for 5th and 6th class.

To start this month 5th and 6th class organised a Sportathon for the whole school .The whole school loved it! We played rugby, soccer ,relay races, bench ball and lots of other playground games. 

For valentines day we made a One in a Minion card with Nadia Corridan on Zoom. We gave our cards to someone special. 

Speaking of art, we did some amazing symmetry art with the class. The  art turned out beautiful .Some turned out so good it looked the same on both sides .

 We did Friendly Feb as a class this month. Friendly Feb is where you do one nice thing everyday – like get in touch with an old friend or give a compliment to somebody. 

We have two brilliant artists in our class. Aoibheann won the crest competition out of the whole school – well done Aoibheann .James won the Texaco class competition – well done James!

This month we started rackard league and mini 7’s in hurling and camogie. The girls won their matches and the boys are playing this Wednesday. We wish them the very best of luck. The student council designed our new school jerseys – we can’t wait to see them!


Thanks for reading our February blog – Olivia & Bernard.

January blog

In January we welcomed the New Year with great enthusiasm and excitement. We started the new year with our New Year resolutions and toasts. We did lots of art this month starting with our optical illusions, winter themed art and Grandparents Day art.


Some of our fifth class are participating in Scór na bPáistí which includes instruments, singing, poetry and lots more. 6th class are also helping out on wet days with the younger classes in the school.Three lucky people from our class were chosen to represent our school in the credit union quiz – we wish them the very best of luck!


We did a Spelling Bee in our class. It was lots of fun. We celebrated Catholic Schools Week in our school. The highlight of the month for us was Grandparents Day. We set up different stations in our classroom and the grandparents enjoyed them all, especially the remembrance station. Thank you for reading our January blog post. We will be back next month with our February blog and more exciting news.

October Update by Isabelle & Caitlin

We had lots of fun this month in Ms. McGuire’s 5th and 6th class.

On the 12th of October 6th class enjoyed a trip to the Stables in Gorey, where everyone participated and had a great time. They even said it was the best trip they’ve ever been on! The 5th class boys and girls completed a Playground Leaders course and they are excited to get out and help the senior infants on the yard. The boys and girls Rackard League teams played their quarter finals and they are both through to the semi-finals after midterm break. The Rising Stars also won their quarter final and will play in the semi-final after midterm. We celebrated Space Week by making space landers which we put eggs in and dropped from a 1m height. We also made 3D planets and amazing astronauts. The following week we did a maths trail during Maths Week which everyone enjoyed. Last week we began celebrating Halloween by making positive and negative pumpkins which turned out great. This week we are finishing off the month with our Halloween dress up and pizza party which we got by reaching 275 dojo points. In our Rugby World Cup sweepstake, we only have Katelyn O’ Leary with South Africa and Olivia Lyndon with New Zealand left to play in the finals this Saturday! Best of luck to the girls!

September 2023 

Thanks to Seán for the following update:

Everyone here in 5th and 6th class have been working so hard during the month of September and we would like to tell you what we have been up to!

First and most likely most important of all, 5th and 6th class walked through the classroom door to see our new teacher – Jessie McGuire ready and waiting with our new classroom all set up for the year ahead. After the first two days back we go set up on our dojo point system and after a couple of weeks we managed to hit a massive 200points, earning ourselves extra yard time that day. In that same week we learned that 6th class would be getting laptops, Junior Infant buddies and jobs around the school. We were delighted! 5th and 6th class are also very proud to show off their graffiti name art and positive affirmation quotes – a great start to the new school year. We are reading the novel Holes by Louis Sachar and we are so excited to watch the movie after we finish the novel. Our teacher set up a Rugby World Cup sweep steak including a prize for the student who drew the winning team. We will be participating in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme this year in an attempt to make a profitable business for our class. All in all, we have had a great September here in 5th and 6th class! Slán!

Our 5th/6th Class will be working with Jessie, this year. We look forward to seeing all of the lovely activities they do!

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Our 6th Class will be busy at work with Ms. Gilhooly, this year. We look forward to posting updates on all of their hard work!