Covid-19 Information

School Closures: COVID-19

Regrettably the doors of our wonderful school are closed to our pupils again due to the ongoing Covid-19 emergency. Screen NS has already put in place the platforms and technical supports necessary to further the distance learning of our pupils and with the support of our capable parents and guardians we are striving to engage with all of or pupils on a daily basis. 

We ask you to keep an eye on your emails/Aladdin Connect Application in the coming days for important updates in relation to book collections and other necessary supports.

Since October 2020, all children have been signed up to their 2020/2021  Seesaw Class Applications and this will be our continued chosen platform to provide the majority of our distance learning. With the knowledge that every pupil has logged in and uploaded content previously we have decided to leave our website as is except for important school/Department of Education news and calendar updates.

If you have any further queries in relation to your child’s class work please contact their teacher directly using the information that has been provided to you or email For information regarding enrolment and admissions please scroll down and access our pre-enrolment form. 

Department of Education Press Releases January 2021

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Department of Education Information 2019-2020

To access information that has been made available by the department of Education and Skills to supports Schools, Parents and Guardians upon the return to school please click HERE

Frequently asked questions have been answered by the DES. Click here to access such and further queries or concerns should be directed to the school email: