At Screen N.S, we believe we should provide opportunities for all who are involved in the life of the school to come to know Jesus through knowledge of the Gospels and the traditions and practices of the Catholic Church. 

We will always try to follow in the way of Jesus and through this will learn how to care, love and respect all members of his family and to grow in knowledge, love and understanding of God and the world around us. 

​We will support the parents in their role as the main example of Christian living and educators of their children so that with Christ as the centre of their lives they will look to find their place in the world.

The title of this religious education series for primary schools is Grow in Love. The Christian Tradition teaches us that God is the source of all love. The first Letter of St John states this very clearly: ‘God is love’ (1 Jh 4:8). Therefore, where there is love, there is God. Children experience the love of God through the love of their parents, families and others. Throughout this series we will help the children to come to a deeper understanding of the reality of God’s love in their lives: to know that God loves them unconditionally, that there is neither beginning nor end to the love of God, and that human love is only a hint of what God’s love is like.

So, what is our response to this incomprehensible, self-giving love?The Grow in Love series aims to help children to see how they can respond to God’s love through love: by doing acts of love that mirror the actions of Jesus. They can show respect for God, for themselves, for one another and for all creation. We teach the children that, through the grace of God’s Spirit which we receive in Baptism, we are enabled to become witnesses to the love of God in the world by living as disciples of Jesus Christ.