Dear Parents/Guardians

Tuesday the 11th of February is Safer Internet Day 2020. On this day in Screen National School your children will be learning skills to help keep them safe online. The world we live in has become dependent on technology and many people although aware of the dangers that are repeatedly reported in the news each day, feel inadequate in relation to keeping their children safe online. We at Screen NS pride ourselves on being a Digital School of Distinction and because of that are keen educators of online safety always. I would like to reassure you that any devices that are used in Screen National school have been set up with the highest level of security and all content is filtered to protect your children. Accounts are linked on devices so that online and offline activity can be monitored by teachers while devices are in use and children are never allowed to browse the internet without specific instruction and guidance. We in Screen NS have a specific set of usage guidelines on display in our classrooms in relation to the usage of devices here in school. These guidelines are revised in every classroom in September each year.

Most devices in the home have many safety settings built in. A simple google search of the model of the device under the heading of safety restrictions for kids may prove enlightening as there are thousands of articles and advice videos available online. It is not necessary to spend money on applications to limit your children’s access to explicit material. Using built in safety settings on most devices you can allow access to but limit sharing of information and pictures.

Web Browsers also have built in safety settings that you can control. Again, a simple internet search with the name of your web browser and parental control, for example: ‘google parental controls’, will provide you with an abundance of straight forward instructions to help you keep your children safe while online.

For your information, all social media sites have a limited age requirement listed below:

Twitter:                   Age 13                   Wats App:             Age 16

Facebook:             Age 13                   You Tube:             Age 18 (13-17 with Parents’ Permission)

Instagram:             Age 13                   Kik:                         Age 18 (13-17 with Parents’ Permission)

Snapchat:              Age 13                   Tik Tok                   Age 13

Viber:                     Age 13                   Netflix                    PARENTAL CONTROLS must be set


Here at Screen National School we have compiled a list of resources and links that you may find useful:


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