Each class entered a competition organised by Wexford County Council Environment Section for making recycled Christmas decorations. The entries were sent forward for consideration and they will be on display in Wexford Library over Christmas. More are on display in the hall just outside the office on our beautiful Christmas tree.

We were delighted to hear that Anna Quaid won first prize in the competition with her wonderful reindeer!

Anna tells us about her decoration:

I made my reindeer out of cardboard, crepe paper, newspaper,a light bulb, brown material, egg shells, bin bags and dog hair from my dog that was groomed. How I made it: I modeled cardboard into a reindeer shape and stuffed it with newspaper then I put crepe paper over the cardboard and glued the material on. For the nose i used a light bulb and painted it red. For the tail I got another light bulb and put eggshells over it and then put in the dog hair. For the feet I got black bin bags and wrapped them around. For the eyes I got eyes from an old teddy’s eyes.

Anna tells us that his name is Rudolph! You can visit Rudolph and the other decorations in the Wexford Library over the Christmas holidays.

Anna will be attending the prize winning ceremony on Tuesday 21st December in Wexford Library. Congratulations Anna!

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