We would like to wish a huge congratulations to three of our sixth class students, Hannah Cullimore, Elaine Somers-Cashen and Gemma Corrigan whose project ‘The Animals of World War I’ was shortlisted in the Decade of Centenaries competition. The Decade of Centenaries competition was spearheaded by the Department of Education and Skills (DES) in Ireland and the Department of  Education (DE) in the North of Ireland to mark the ‘decade of  centenaries’ with an all-island schools history competition.
Students at all levels of primary and post primary schools across the island of Ireland were invited to submit a project that identifies a particular event or person from the
decade 1912 – 1922. The project could focus on any event or personality from the period 1912-1922. The project was between 1,000 – 2,000 words for projects at primary level.

Projects were judged against the following criteria
 Understanding of the event: the degree to which the significance of the selected event/s or person is/are understood and examined.
 Assessment of the impact on the local area: The extent to which the impact of  the selected event/s or person on the local area is/are examined. This could include an examination of the social or cultural impact, including any particular impact on women as appropriate.
 Presentation: the overall presentation of the project should be coherent and accurate with a high standard of literacy. While the incorporation of  multimedia resources such as pictures into a project is not compulsory they could enhance the overall presentation of a project. Any resources of this nature that are used are not counted in the word count of the project.
 Research: the extent of research evident in the project. School textbooks may be used as a starting point for the project but they must be supplemented by
other sources. Primary documents could also be incorporated into the project where possible in order to enhance the quality of the project. (Due care should be taken that extensive passages are not copied from textbooks or other sources and inserted wholesale into the history project).

As you can see from the criteria above our students put in a massive amount of work and should be highly commended on such a fantastic achievement. To be shortlisted in an all-island competition is a great achievement. Well done!

Read their project here: GemmaHannahElaine Animals of World War I


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