School Uniform Policy


Wearing the school uniform reflects the pride our children have in our school and identifies Screen N.S children in our community. Having a uniform promotes a sense of belonging and establishes a standard of dress to be worn at school. The school encourages parents to endorse respect for school rules by assisting their children to wear the uniform according to the guidelines below.

Policy Statement

The school has a uniform policy in place:

· To promote a sense of belonging and identity for all students.

· To ensure all students are tidy in appearance and are appropriately and safely dressed for activities throughout the school day.

· To provide clear guidelines for what is acceptable as part of the school uniform.


1. The wearing of school uniform is compulsory for students. Detailed descriptions of the uniform garments are included in the enrolment pack.

 2. The uniform consists of the following items, in the school colours:

  • Navy Tracksuit Bottoms/Navy knee length shorts/Navy skirt or pinafore
  • Navy Jumper with the school crest
  • Green t-shirt with collar

4. The Parents’ Association operates a uniform shop.

5. Children should wear safe, suitable shoes for indoor and outdoor use.

6. Dyed hair is not permitted.

7. One stud earring in each ear is permitted to be worn. For safety reasons earrings are not permitted in the higher part of the ear. Nose rings and other unsafe piercings are strictly forbidden.

8. Staff have discretion to ask children to remove items that are not part of the uniform including necklaces and earrings if they interfere with learning or are potentially dangerous.

9. All pupils are expected to wear the school uniform during school and school-related activities unless specifically excused.

 10. No consequence of non-compliance with this policy will adversely affect a student’s education in any way.

Ratification of the policy

The Board of Management of Screen National School in consultation with the Parents’ Association and teaching staff adopted this policy on the 19th April, 2021.

 This policy was approved by the Board of Management in the academic year 2021 and will be reviewed in 6th months’ time.

Signed: Sr. Marie Jones                                                          Ciara Breen

(Chairperson of the Board of Management)                             (Principal)

Date:   19th April 2021                                                                         Date:   19th April 2021

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