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Welcome to our ‘Home School’ Menu to assist you in accessing educational resources and assigned tasks by each individual class teacher during the Covid-19 School Closures.

This week we are happy to introduce our 4th ‘Theme of the Week’ with thanks to Ms Breen for her work on this weeks theme below surrounding ‘Water Safety’.

Many congratulations to all of our amazing Athletes for taking part in last weeks theme and a big thank you for all your videos and pictures of you busy at work on the class SeeSaw platforms! We are as ever very proud of you all! The staff and management would like to thank Mr Doyle for organising that theme for us! Bualadh Bos!


Water Safety

NOTE: Please upload photos and videos of your children’s participation to their class Seesaw App or email directly to your children’s individual teachers!

This year Irish Water Safety have updated their website to help parents/guardians teach the programme at home and enable you to get certificates through your own emails by registering directly with them. Below you will see the overview of our weekly theme and your child’s teacher will send you the appropriate material to support each individual class group. Use the following link to register Irish Water Safety’s ‘Home’ programme and get your certificates!


Water Safety Theme

Your water safety resources have been emailed to each class individually but if you’re having trouble working with them, access all resources here: Screen’s Theme of the Week: Water Safety

NCSE: Theme of the Week!!!

Theme of the week

A wonderful resource for use with all children during these times of school closures!

More NCSE Links to support our children and families with reference to Covid-19:

Learn about Covid-19 using this simple publication:


If your child needs to visit a test centre, this resource may help you to explain the experience to them:


Covid 19: School Closure

As we travel a path untravelled, take some time to adjust and remember the most important message is to stay safe and healthy and follow HSE and government advice. Take a minute and read the poem below to help our children understand that this will be over soon and we’ll be back up and running!