Home Schooling

Welcome to our ‘Home School’ Menu to assist you in accessing educational resources and assigned tasks by each individual class teacher during the Covid-19 School Closures. With the pupils of Screen NS and their teachers returning to school , information that may be useful to parents/guardians in all rooms has been posted here;

Practical Information e.g. dates and times for returning to school

Wednesday 26th , Thursday 27th and Friday 28th August: Orientation Days.

  • We want to give the children, (plus one parent or guardian for Junior Infants)the opportunity to meet the teacher & SNA and see the classroom before classes get underway, to see that many of your favourite things about our school are still the same, with some important changes. Wednesday 26th 11.am – 12.10pm
  • Junior Infants The visiting parent must wear a face covering. (School staff will be wearing a visor or/and a mask as well.)
  • Surname: A-K 11.00am – 11.20am L, M 11.25am – 11.45am O-W 11.50am – 12.10pm
  • Please keep your visit short, (5 minutes in the classroom.) Social distancing must be adhered to. Maximum of 2 families in any classroom at any one time. Staff on duty outside the school building will help Families entering the school. Please remember that from Thursday 27th, access to our school building will be for pupils and staff only. (We are sorry, but parents will no longer have access until further notice.)
  • Thursday 27th 9.20am – 12.30pm J.I/SI • 1 ST/2ND Class • 2 ND/3 rd Class
  • Friday 28th 09.20-12 • 4 th/5th Class • 5 th/6th Class
  • Always drop your Junior Infant to school staff on duty at the front of the building. Always collect the child from the teacher outside the school building.
  • Morning Arrivals: Avoid gathering in crowds on or near the school grounds. Families must socially distance from each other and from school staff. Please stand well back from doors and gates. Please be patient: all children will be well looked after. From Monday 31st August; The children can arrive at school from 09.10 – 09.20. The children will go straight to their classrooms, where they will be supervised by staff. (And staff will also be on duty at the front of the building.) Use of the yard/basketball court, etc. before school is not permitted until further notice.
  • Afternoon Departures: Please avoid gathering in crowds on or near the school grounds. Families must socially distance from each other and from school staff. Classes will be brought out 2 at a time. Please be patient: all children will be well looked after. What will happen on school buses? Please read pages 33 and 34 of this document: https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/b264b-roadmap-for-the-full-return-to-school/ The school has no involvement in these arrangements: please contact Bus Eireann or the local bus company for your child’s route. School Supplies: Infection Control – ‘Reducing the use of shared items.’ ‘Reducing the transfer of some items between home and school.’ ‘Keeping classrooms safe and tidy, and reducing the number of times that books, etc. are collected up and passed around.’ Every child from 1st class to 6th class will need Two Pencil Cases. Every child will need one pencil case that stays in school, filled with pencils/pens, eraser, sharpener, crayons/pencils (younger children) or pencils/markers (older children.) All stationary and books should be clearly labelled with child’s name. Every child will also need a second separate pencil case/supplies for use at home. The children will not share pencils, crayons, colouring pencils, etc. Our teachers always have spare pencils and crayons. When these are given to a child, the child will keep them for their own use only. Every child will have a Storage Box that stays in school A4 size (for A4 pages/worksheets and schoolbooks.). The box will be kept under or near the child’s table, for their books, copies, pencil case and any classroom item that the teacher assigns to that child, such as a paint brush. Home-School Communication will remain as important as ever. Email, seesaw and Aladdin Connect will be emphasised. Teachers’ details will be shared in the coming weeks. We are sorry, but there will be no face to face parent-teacher meetings until further notice. Again, please use email/Class Dojo/Aladdin Connect overall. Phone calls can also be arranged. We are sorry, but there will be no Open Classroom events, concerts/shows, parent volunteers in our school building, school trips, etc. until further notice. Other questions? Please email us at screen.ns@gmail.com