Green Schools

green schoolsGREEN SCHOOLS: committed to looking after the environment. In Screen NS we have just been awarded our 7th Green Schools Flag for Global Citizenship, Litter and Waste!!!!

The Green Schools Award is a 2 year process, preparations have already began in this term 1 for our new Green Flag.

We worked extremely hard in the last school year to reduce, reuse and recycle with initiatives such as the school going paperless in terms of correspondence with families and also the agreement of the school community to stop ‘single use’ plastic in the school with all children and teachers purchasing reusable bottles.

Some of the highlights on this journey were the senior trip to the Cool Planet Experience in Powerscourt House! An amazing, interactive, educational facility for families and schools alike to enjoy. find out more;

Our school slogan competition run by the Green Schools Committee with Jason’s slogan being chosen as our School Motto:

“The ocean is blue, the trees are green, please stop littering and HELP save Screen!”

The arrival of manure, sourced and supplied by Cormac.

Litter picking everyday in Screen and continuation of a fabulous School Garden!

Sowing seeds and bulbs in many of our classrooms!

Congratulations to all our dedicated Green School’s Committee members in Screen NS and many thanks to all the pupils, staff and parents who’s work made this possible!!!

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