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Happy Christmas from Google!

Just for fun! Go to Google, type let it snow in the box and click search. Then wait and see what happens!

Save Our Languages!

A selection of articles from the national press urging Minister Quinn to reverse his decision to abolish the MLPSI. Modern Languages Initiative is Vital -The Irish Examiner THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2011 Lost for Words – The Irish Times – Saturday, December 17, 2011 David McWilliams: If our future is in Europe, we have to talk the talk. – The Independent, Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Thousands speak

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On-line Petition

A reminder to all staff, parents, pupils, past pupils and the wider community to sign the online petition to save the Modern Languages Initiatives. We would love to continue teaching French in our school. Please sign a petition to urge Minister Quinn to change this decision!

Save Our Languages!

Pupils can protest by contacting the News2day programme on RTE (Email: Text: Text the word news2day, followed by your comment, to 51101) as a way of having their say against the Minister’s decision to abolish the Modern Languages in the Primary School. 

Budget Education Cuts

The budget announcements included a proposal to abolish the Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative. We support modern languages in over 550 schools nationally with a core team of just 6 people. We provide training, resources and school-based support as well as funding over 250 visiting teachers who deliver the programme in schools nationwide….all within a budget of under €2 million. In terms of

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Dig In!

As you all know we have some serious gardeners in our school and I’m sure you all had a taste of our potatoes on Sports Day! A big thank you to the Somers-Cashens for their help! We didn’t just grow potatoes this year, we also grew turnips, onions and carrots!

Reuben the Entertainer

Reuben the Entertainer visited Screen NS in our last week at school as a special treat from the Parents Association. Reuben was very funny and kept students and teachers alike very entertained!    

A HUGE Thank You

5th and 6th class would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Jonathan Derham for coming to speak to us all about geology and his work. Click on: Thank You!


We had a visit today from our Tag Rugby trainer Noel Ferguson. Noel had a special surprise for us, the Heineken Cup! 

Award of Science and Maths Excellence

Screen NS just received confirmation that we have been awarded our fourth Award of Science and Maths Excellence! Well done to the Science Committee for all their hard work throughout the year. Click on AOSME2011SNS to see just a small amount of the work from each class which we completed over the year. Also go to Primary Science to find out more as well

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